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Zenfox T3 2CH & 3CH Dash Cam Firmware



  • William Williamson

    I downloaded the link, it says can't open file. I'm trying everything yet it appears I'll be sending the camera back as it, like the vantrue has on issue or another Keon your product from being an industry leader. Rather its just run off the mill junk.

  • Jason Li

    There is no need to open the bin file, just make sure it is on the root directory of your card,

    the update will follow automatically when powered,

  • Nidhal Mokhaizen

    When the new update will be released? More than 1 year no updates!!!

  • Margiesmth997

    So, Jason, just so I'm understanding this correctly. Last April, I believe, I formatted my SD card as FAT 32. Does this mean I do not have to do anything to get this new firmware?
    Thank you,

  • Boujaadia

    1 Format an usb memory on fat32 format
    2 download the last file firmware on your computer
    3 copy the file from computer to usb memory
    4 power off the camera
    5 insert usb memory into camera usb port
    6 power on the camera
    7 the camera will automatically be updated with new firmware.

  • William Anderson

    Did everything that Boujaadia did. Long hold on far-right button to turn on WI-FI on iPhone 11 Max Pro clicked on phone settings for WI-FI connection clicked on T3 Zenfox. Then shows it connected. Opened App clicked on fine camera then video should have started showing all camera video. No, it did not. Message said to open phone WI-FI setting to connect camera will guess what it shows it is connected. The App needs to be updated to fix a bug. It worked before but not now.


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